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CREDIT.AI’s intelligent software analyzes your credit card processing fees and generates a comprehensive and detailed analysis automatically.

Our experts will explain the areas of overspend and recommend options to eliminate overcharges.

CREDIT.AI empowers merchants to understand, control and monitor their processing fees

Automatic upload of your processing statements
Simplification and analysis of ongoing monthly fees
Benchmarking of processor margins
Instant identification and quantification of interchange savings
Online dashboard for ongoing fee monitoring
Safe, secure and compliant

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Why use CREDIT.AI?

Analyzes your statements in minutes

Constantly updated to identify new fees

Comprehensive & detailed report

Intelligent fee notifications

Case Studies.

Dry Cleaning Franchise

  • 2 Franchisor-owned stores and 70 franchisee locations
  • Current fees around $1MM a year

  • Group-wide contract pricing in place
  • Negotiated 20% reduction in processor fee rate
  • Identified several locations not being charged according to group contract
  • Worked with processor to eliminate high-cost PCI non-compliance fees
  • Identified fees related to services that were not being used.
  • Overall reduction of processor margin of 50%.
  • Started review in September 2021 and new rates to be implemented for December.

West Coast Supermarket Chain

  • 17 locations in CA and NV
  • Stores connected to processor through POS Software
  • Reviewed two stores processing statements for three months to establish current volumes and pricing.
  • Developed RFP and issued to qualified processors
  • Reduced current processor fees by 40%.
  • Stayed with incumbent processor who lowered pricing to be competitive with market bids.
  • Started review in February, 2021. New pricing implemented and verified in May, 2021.

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